A New Year's Opportunity

January 06, 2011

If you're invited to a party and accept the invitation, chances are you don't stand in the corner when you arrive. You know that you are a part of that social group, so you talk and listen to people.  

In the same way, you've committed yourself to your relationship and it's the same deal – participation was voluntary but you've already volunteered to participate. You say hello and greet your partner and hug and say goodbye when you leave. You talk and listen, give details about your life, use eye contact, and are generous with affection. 
There are so many ways to connect, to be close, to offer support, and to recommit yourself to your relationship every day. Accept the invitation; have a great party!
And to assist you in accepting that invitation, accept another – to take part in a Deciphering the Language of Love class – a six-week couple's communication class – which begins Wednesday, January 12, 6-8 p.m., at the Almaden Community Center. Contact Bea Strickland at BeaStrickland@aol.com or 408.268.3956 for details.