Making Time for 'Us'

November 17, 2010

By Bea Strickland, Marriage Enrichment
and Glenn Tilton, Abide in Love

As the holidays approach, we will all find that it's "sooo" easy to let time slide by and not spend focused time with our partner. Other things can seem so urgent.

Meanwhile, our relationship quietly craves connection. We need to be involved in each other's lives and feel close. We want to keep our life together strong and vibrant. We need to let go of our bad habits of TV watching or too much computer use that rob us of valuable time with our partner. Football season also makes this particularly difficult. But just being conscious of the need to be together and to communicate is the first step. 
One of the lessons of the "10-Great-Dates" program is that it may be helpful for partners to be organized about setting aside time to be together. A weekly date night is a good way to make this happen. Date night is an organized way of having time together.
Another approach is to sit down and talk about a plan to spend more quality time with each other, to devote moments or hours to creating the valuable sense of belonging to each other. Maybe you'll want a weekend away, maybe more frequent hugs just for affection. 
Take the time to renew your bond of intimacy; show the love that makes your relationship so precious.
We encourage churches and organizations to set up a 10 Great Dates program or couples' retreats to help couples get the idea!
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