COB Executive Committee Calls for Webcast Leadership Summit in Spring

November 04, 2010

Building on the success of the Convocation of Extended Cabinets in 2007, the Council of Bishops Executive Committee has called for a Leadership Summit via webcast in Spring 2011, to involve and engage many more people.  This is an opportunity to pull together several strands of work that will encourage, align, and enliven the United Methodist Connection.

The plan is to gather together in groups around the world for prayer and holy conversation, and to hear presentations streamed live on an Internet webcast about key proposals from the Call to Action Steering Team and other groups this quadrennium. The webcast will originate in the United States and be presented in English. Persons in Central Conferences who have access to the Internet will be able to participate, but The Connectional Table intends also to work with each Central Conference bishop to customize a similar experience for their settings.
The Connectional Table is "where vision, ministry and money are brought to the same table to coordinate the mission, ministries, and resources of The United Methodist Church."
The purpose for the 2011 Leadership Summit is to:
  • Come together for prayer, discernment, and holy conversation a cross-section of leaders (invited by the resident bishop and including lay leadership, Cabinets, and representative pastors);
  • Provide a shared experience for engaging information and ideas about key initiatives to foster compelling alignment and generate forward momentum for the regeneration of The United Methodist Church; and
  • Create a venue for leaders to hear first-hand how the Council of Bishops is helping the church clarify and affirm God's leading by shaping the vision, values, and culture of The United Methodist Church. 
During this event the Council of Bishops and Connectional Table will share how they are blending the findings and constructive work of multiple groups which are involved in strategic review and planning on behalf of the mission of the UMC. Participants will be invited to take part in crafting and leading a comprehensive plan of action.
The Connectional Table is working with active bishops to select the best date available. Watch for updates as plans unfold!