A Call to Clergy to Endorse the National Criminal Justice Commission Act

October 07, 2010

In 2009, Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) and 15 bipartisan co-sponsors introduced the National Criminal Justice Commission Act (HR 5143, S. 714), legislation that would create a bipartisan commission to review and identify effective criminal justice policies and make recommendations for reform. This commission would study every aspect of the U.S. criminal justice system over a period of 18 months before taking its recommendations to Congress.

The House of Representatives and Senate Judiciary Committee have reviewed and favorably passed the bill and it is now awaiting passage by the United States Senate.
While all who follow Jesus are called to love the vulnerable and advocate for justice on their behalf, Jesus calls for religious leaders especially to unquestionably support and engage in the mission of justice for God's world.
To that end, GBCS is calling on all clergy to endorse the National Criminal Justice Commission Act.
Please note that this petition is only for clergy.
At the heart of our religious traditions lies a call to justice for the captive and defense for those who are vulnerable. For religious leaders, this call extends beyond the walls of our places of worship to our courtrooms and communities.
Religious leaders who lend their signature in support of the National Criminal Justice Commission Act through the Clergy Sign-On strengthen and embolden our collective call for criminal justice reform. GBCS reminds you that the NCJCA has passed through the House, but has yet to pass through the Senate: Your signature can help push this important legislation across the finish line.
And if you are not clergy but want to help, please urge your pastor and all clergy whom you know to sign on at www.umc-gbcs.org/JusticeReformSignOn.