SoSA Still in Running for Pepsi Grant, Asks for Your Vote

October 07, 2010

The Society of St. Andrew is still in the running for a quarter-million-dollar grant from Pepsi – and hopes you'll add your vote to help get them to the next level in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge.

In September, SoSA came in at number 14, out of more than 300 organizations in its category, in the competition to receive a $250,000 grant from Pepsi. It was a strong enough showing to move the organization along and enter it into the October voting.
SoSA asks you to join in and support the effort by voting each day. You can do so through Facebook, on the Pepsi Refresh website, by texting, and by clicking the button [above].
For more information, visit
SoSA has been gleaning fields and feeding hungry Americas for 31 years now. If it wins the Pepsi Refresh Challenge in October, the money will cover the cost of providing 9 million servings of fresh fruits and vegetables to hungry Americans coast-to-coast. Your support will be appreciated!
Click on the button above to vote.