Don't Miss out: There's Still Time to Register for a Doug Anderson Event!

October 07, 2010

There's still time to register for one of the Doug Anderson seminars sponsored by the Conference Congregational Vitality Committee.

Anderson will be in the Sacramento area Oct. 29 and 30, with live streaming to Fallon, Redding, and Modesto. You may register online by going to the Conference website Home Page at and clicking on the "Registrations" tab.
Anderson is a highly regarded teacher of the simple and effective components that add vitality and direction to a church's ministry and outreach, with emphases on: 
  • Purpose-centered vs. preference-driven programming
  • Growing spiritual leaders who guide mission-centered congregations
  • Evangelism contained in service, sharing stories, and extending invitation
  • Benefits of, and the Wesleyan model for, small groups
Clergy who attended his training sessions at last November's Gathering of the Orders recommended that his teaching be made available to the leaders of their local churches.
Cost is $25 per day; with $10 more for each additional leader from the same church, up to a maximum of $75 cost per church. Click here for online registration and payment, or go to the Conference website Home Page and click on the "Registrations" tab.
For more information, download brochure – or contact Dave Bunje at  or Blake Busick at
Leaders for mission and evangelism will be developed at these seminars: Don't you want to be among them?