2010 Journal Is on Line

September 30, 2010

The online version of the 2010 Journal is now available. To access it, just click on Journals under "Quick Links" on the right side of the Home Page at cnumc.org.

Download time will vary by computer, so please be patient.
There are several new features this year which make it easier to read the Journal on line and access the information you need – and easier to print portions of it, too.
• Hyperlinks allow you to click on page numbers in both the Table of Contents and the Index, to go immediately to the subject you're seeking;
• Page headers show chapter and section on each page, so you know at a glance where you are;
• New letter-size pages allow printing on standard paper, for those sections you want to keep in a binder.
Journal Editor Susan Hunn invites your feedback. As she states in the Foreword, she wants to know "what works for you and what doesn't" – so that next year's Journal will be even better! 
She also is asking that you review the directories and verify that your information is correct. You must notify her by October 15, 2010 if you find errors or outdated information.
Send corrections (and feedback) to journal@calnevumc.org.
You also may place an order for a hardbound version of the Journal at $34.90 per copy. You'll find a link to the order form beneath the information about the online edition, on the Journals page.