Clarification Regarding Giving to San Bruno Fire Task Force

September 23, 2010

We wish to clarify a point offered as an Editor's Note at the end of the September 16, 2010 story, Task Force Organized in Response to San Bruno Fire. The note originally said, "Churches making donations will receive credit on Apportionments."

It has been corrected to read:
"Donations from churches will appear on their Apportionments Statement, for information purposes only. Individual contributions will be reflected on a church's Apportionments Statement if the name of the church is added to the memo line of the check: i.e. "San Bruno Fire/__UMC, (city)." (Please be sure to give the church's location since many church names are duplicated across the Conference.)"
We apologize for any confusion caused by the clumsy wording of the original.