Charge Conference Forms Available on Website

September 16, 2010

All pastors and churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference should have received a letter from all four district superintendents this week (via email or USPS), regarding church conferences. 

The letter outlines the things which are required, those which are optional, areas in which procedures remain the same as last year, and some changes to the process which are being initiated this year.
It directs churches to the new Districts Administration Center (or "District Center"), along with individual district offices, for assistance.
Charge conference forms now are available to download from the Conference website at A link to the Charge Conference Forms Page is prominently located in the "Quick Links" menu on the right side of the Home Page: it is the second item in the uppermost (red font) section.
One significant change from last year is that churches will enter Church Officer information directly into the Conference database, through online entry. The process is spelled out in the letter and in the "Checklist for Annual Church Conference," which is the first form on the Charge Conference Forms page.
To state it simply, churches will go to and enter their GCFA number in both the "Username" and "Password" boxes. That will open the "Church Dashboard" page, which contains detailed instructions for completing the process of entering Church Officer information.
Again, if you do need assistance, however, be sure to contact the District Center at 916.374.1501 or, or your district office.