Churches Challenged to Raise Hunger Awareness, Take Action to End Hunger

August 19, 2010

September is National Hunger Action Month

Hunger is a year-in, year-out problem. But during September hunger advocates, agencies, and alliances across the country work together to focus attention on the issue of hunger in America. 
Make no mistake – there is hunger in this, the wealthiest nation on the planet! Some 49 million Americans now live with food insecurity – the situation in which one never knows from day to day if they will have enough food for their children and themselves. And this plight is exacerbated by the nationwide depression affecting just about everyone.
September is "National Hunger Action Month," which offers the opportunity for your church to become more aware of the need that exists right in your own community and all across the land, and to rise to the challenge of feeding the hungry.
The Society of St. Andrew (Advance #801600) is providing a variety of free, ready-to-use resources to motivate church congregations to step out on faith to follow Jesus' commands concerning the poor and hungry. These resources can be used in September or anytime during the year to raise hunger awareness and to call your congregation to action. The resources include: Scripture readings related to hunger, poverty and justice; five sample sermons; prayers; a prayer calendar; litany; dramatic reading; bulletin insert; "feed my sheep" art; U.S. and world hunger fact sheets; and steps to fight hunger. The prayer calendar is specially designed as a way to help your congregation get personally engaged, through prayer and action, in the mission of helping our brothers and sisters who are hungry, and to work for an end to the needless injustice of hunger.
All of these resources are available for free download at or by contacting the Rev. Jennifer Vestal Moore at the Society of St. Andrew at 800.333.4597 or
The Society of St. Andrew (SoSA) is a national nonprofit hunger relief ministry founded in 1979. SoSA saves fresh vegetables and fruits from going to waste in fields and packing houses, and donates this nutritious food to critical feeding agencies for their clients. Each year SoSA saves 20-30 million pounds of perfectly good produce which would have been dumped into landfills or plowed under, and uses it instead to provide 60-90 million servings of the most nutritious food to the hungry. So far this year, nearly 15 million pounds of food has been donated to agencies throughout the nation. Last year 26.5 million pounds of produce, saved by nearly 35,000 volunteers, provided almost 80 million servings to hungry Americans.
For more information about Hunger Action Month worship resources or about the Society of St. Andrew's hunger-relief ministry, contact Rev. Moore or visit