'Pray 40,' Nationwide Campaign for College Students, Campus Ministries, Begins in August

July 21, 2010

A nationwide prayer campaign for college students and campus ministries, "Pray 40," begins August 23 when all United Methodists are being asked to pray for students and campus ministries for 40 days.


Some 17 million American students head to college and university campuses each fall, while millions more flood campuses worldwide. As they make decisions, learn, and are shaped into the next generation of teachers, accountants, mothers, fathers, doctors, CEOs, journalists, and ministers – among other career choices – shouldn't it be our prayer that they do so having been shaped by Christ?


The campaign will feature 40 prayers written by students, campus pastors, bishops, and church leaders from all over the nation – and includes two prayers from Wesley House and Campus Center at the University of California, Berkeley: one prayer by a United Methodist student at Cal-Berkeley, Cassie Bath, and the other prayer by Wesley's Campus Pastor, the Rev. Tarah Trueblood.


All of the prayers will be published by The Upper Room and made available in various ways.


The Pray 40 effort is a partnership between College Union, The Upper Room, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, and the Foundation for Evangelism, with special thanks to United Methodist Communications.


Pray for the next generation of Christian leaders! Participate in Pray 40 through one (or more) of several ways. Among them are: receiving an email morning, noon, and evening with the prayer for the day; downloading and sharing a prayer guide; following the effort on Twitter or by text; signing up for a 24-hour period of continuous prayer; teaching about prayer.


In order to join this group of pray-ers, please check in regularly at www.Pray40.com. The website has some basic information now, but will officially launch on August 2. Please check back regularly and help spread the word about the upcoming prayer efforts for campus ministry.

Download news release (in PDF format) to find out more.