Inspirational Novel Is Published by Cal-Nev Retired Elder

July 08, 2010

The Rev. M. Angelo Fazio, a retired elder in the California-Nevada Annual Conference now living in the Boston area, has published an inspirational novel which is available for purchase through Cokesbury, Amazon, and retail outlets as well as through the publisher, OakTara.

The Ascent of Mount Mandala is the story of Mishel, a young member of the Myrnians – a race of climbers compelled to climb by virtue of their very nature. It has long been Mishel's dream to ascend the mist-shrouded Mount Mandala, the highest and most sacred peak known to his people. His journey takes dangerous and unexpected twists, however, after he finds a mysterious book hidden deep within the Myrnian archives.
According to a publicity sheet, The Ascent of Mount Mandala is Fazio's "mythic expression of [his] quest to discover what it means to be a spiritual and whole human being." His ministry as an ordained member of clergy "has often led him to be in community with those who are considered marginal and small in the eyes of the world," his publisher states. "In a very polarized either/or world, he has sought the truth both in the stillness of monastic cloister and the cry of Haiti's poor."
Originally Roman Catholic, Fazio came to the California-Nevada Annual Conference in 1995 to serve at Ely United Methodist Church. In 1999 he was ordained an Elder in Full Connection and continued to serve at Ely before being appointed to Sonoma UMC in 2002, where he served until his retirement in 2005. Currently he is working on a theological work titled The Birth of Integral Christianity and a "psycho-spiritual autobiography," Deceived No Longer.
Download flyer (in PDF format) here.
Click here to read sample chapter of The Ascent of Mount Mandala (in PDF format).