Mission Education Is for Everyone!

July 08, 2010

By Connie Hunter
President, California-Nevada Annual Conference United Methodist Women

It's not too late to register for the annual Mission Education event to be held at University of the Pacific (UOP) in Stockton the weekend of August 6-8. Although the Mission Education event is sponsored by United Methodist Women, everyone is welcome – men as well as women.
Participating will bring back memories of halcyon days in college – when our meals were prepared and dishes washed for us, when we lived on campus and walked to class, and when we were challenged by new ideas and information, and enjoyed hours of conversation with others about our latest insight or discovery.
Come learn about the "The Beauty and Courage of Sudan" so that you will be better able to make sense of the news about Sudan and Darfur. Or join the spiritual growth class, "For the Love of God: Epistles of John." (Many of us are quite familiar with the Gospel of John, but what about John's letters? Were they written by the same person?) Or how about the class "Joy to the World: Mission in the Age of Global Christianity": Are mission and evangelism the same? What are the theological underpinnings for mission?
Classes will be offered in Korean, Spanish, and English at UOP.
To register and/or to download brochure with information about the study leaders, go to http://www.cnumw.org and scroll down the page, then click on "Click here for 2010."
There isn't much time left to register – so do it now!
In addition to the weekend Mission Education event at UOP, there will be a one-day event on Saturday, August 28 at Millbrae New Vision UMC and another one-day event on Saturday, September 18 at Merced UMC. The one-day events will offer participants a brief session on each of the study topics and serve as a good introduction to the study topics.
For more information please visit http://www.cnumw.org/mission.ed.2.1.09.htm.