Report Tracks Legislation Considered by 2010 Annual Conference Session

July 08, 2010

A report has been posted to the 2010 Annual Conference Session News page, showing what happened with each piece of legislation which was before the 2010 Annual Conference Session.

Navigate there by clicking on "Annual Conference Session" (the first item under "Quick Links" on the right side of the Home Page at, then click on "2010 Annual Conference Session News" (in the menu on the right side of the new page).
The link to the Legislation Outcomes (tracking report) is located just below the Rethink Rock video.
The report shows each Item considered by the 2010 Annual Conference Session. An "x" in the "YES" column denotes passage; an "x" in the "NO" column signifies that the item did not pass. If item is marked "consent" it was approved as part of the Consent Calendar; numbers show the vote in the section which considered the item and placed it on the Consent Calendar. The "FOLLOW-UP" column indicates the party or parties responsible for action(s) as a result of passage of an item.
You may view the action for yourself by watching videos of the LIVE STREAM of the 2010 California-Nevada Annual Conference Session, housed in REEL Witness, the video library on the Conference website at
You'll find a direct link to REEL Witness under "Areas of Interest" on the right-side menu on the Home Page.