Updated Annual Conference Session News

June 18, 2010

Notifications of actions being taken at Annual Conference Session are being added to the Annual Conference Session News page. Please visit that page to keep up-to-date. (Navigate there by clicking on "Annual Conference Session" - the first item under "Quick Links" on the Home Page menu on the right. When that page opens, click on "2010 Annual Conference Session News" on the menu on the right.)

Watch our live video stream by clicking on the headline "Watch Annual Conference Session LIVE!" on the Home Page.

Videos from our live coverage are being uploaded to REEL Witness, the Conference video library, as time permits. (A direct link to REEL Witness is located in the Home Page menu on the right, under "Areas of Interest.")

Photos are being uploaded daily. Just type or paste http://www.cnumc.org/galleries into your web browser.