'Direct Bill: Simple' Video Helps Illustrate Item 3

June 03, 2010

Remember the Missional Church: Simple video which Bishop Brown used in his "Rethink Conference" meetings? Now there's Direct Bill: Simple!

In the Direct Bill: Simple video, Clergy Benefits Task Force Chair Don Cunningham uses a down-to-earth illustration to aid the understanding of Item 3, the Proposal to Direct-Bill Active Clergy Pension Costs.
You'll find it on the Annual Conference Resources page (to get there, click on "Resources" on the main navigation bar on the Home Page of the Conference website at cnumc.org, then click on "Annual Conference Session Resources") and also featured in the REEL Witness Conference video library (you'll find the link to Reel Witness under "Areas of Interest" on the right side of the Home Page).
Or watch it here!
Also on the Annual Conference Session Resources page: a REVISED copy of the Proposed Districts/Circuits list (Re: Item 8, Number of Districts). The list was amended on Thursday, June 3.