Congregations - Help Illustrate Your Work With Poor, for Display at ACS

May 20, 2010

Each year at Annual Conference Session, the Conference Committee on Children and Poverty looks for ways to highlight the work of congregations which are effectively walking with the poor. Beyond writing checks or sending kits (which also are important), walking with the poor means working in partnership with the poor in your area to build the Beloved Community.

This year, CCCP invites you and your congregation to prepare a visual display (one per church) exhibiting the ways your congregation is walking with the poor.
The display should take the form of a poster or two-dimensional collage which can be exhibited in the main meeting space for ACS (Halls A and B at the Sacramento Convention Center). Posters should be mounted on 20" x 30" foam board and positioned "landscape" style (horizontal). Please include a wire on the back of your display so that it can be hung.
All congregations which submit posters will receive a monetary award. The amount will be based on how many posters are received!
If you would like to display a poster at Annual Conference Session showing your work, please notify CCCP by Saturday, May 29 to allow the committee time to plan the exhibit and ensure there is enough space for everyone.
Note that CCCP must hear from you in advance in order to include your poster.
Once you have confirmed your participation, please deliver your poster as early as possible on the first day of ACS, Wednesday, June 16.
If you have questions about this project, contact Pam Fine at Aptos UMC at 831.688.2210 or