Worship Team for ACS Seeks Communion, Baptism Photos

May 20, 2010

As the Worship Team prepares for Annual Conference Session this year, it would like to have visuals of California-Nevada congregations celebrating Holy Communion and Baptism to incorporate into the services. These Sacraments are celebrated in a variety of ways and in many settings (both inside and outside our church buildings), and the Worship Team wishes to honor this diversity of expression.

If you have photos of Communion and/or Baptisms to share (digital only!), please email them to catem@calnevumc.org by June 7.
If you have videos of those observances, please contact Cate Monaghan at the email address above or at 916.374.1529 to make arrangements for sharing them.
The team also would like your feedback:
·         Passing the Peace has been inculturated in many different ways. What unique traditions (words and/or gestures) of passing the peace does your church use?
·         What are some beloved hymns sung during Communion? The team is especially interested in songs of non-EuroAmerican origin.
You may pass along your contributions by adding comments to this page, or email them to catem@calnevumc.org.