Going Electronic - How We're 'Rethinking ACS' This Year

May 20, 2010

The digital age in which we live has created not only opportunity but also increased awareness of responsibility for us – and we're trying to live into both, at this year's Annual Conference Session.

On the one hand, we again will take advantage of the opportunity to broadcast the proceedings live to anyone who has access to a computer.
As last year, we'll stream the conference live from beginning to end. All you'll have to do is click on the headline for the main Home Page photo to view the live proceedings.
And we'll be adding to our coverage this year. At least once a day – at the dinner break and/or after the evening session – we'll conduct live interviews with a few of the attendees, to get their perspectives on what took place. We think that hearing from young clergy, youth, and members of some of our ethnic groups, for instance, will provide valuable insight for us all.
"E-First Day Packet"
However, the shift to digital technology has made us increasingly aware of our responsibility to Planet Earth, too. Now that files can be stored and accessed electronically, continuing the practice of providing paper copies is hard to defend.
That's why we will offer the First Day Packet in electronic format this year.
We will email the E-First Day Packet link to everyone registered for ACS. Items traditionally in the First Day Packet will be included in the electronic version of the First Day Packet or will be distributed by Pages at the session.
We're asking that you download those files and save them to your laptop, if you will be taking it with you to ACS – or, if not, download and print the documents which you will need and take those along.
Daily Connection
We will continue the shift from paper with the Daily Connection, too. Rather than print a copy of announcements and a rehash of the previous day's happenings for each member, this year announcements:
·         Will be broadcast on the screens in the main halls – before and after each session and during breaks;
·         Will be broadcast on a monitor located at the Oasis;
·         Will be posted in written form outside the ACS Office (Room 305); and
·         Will be posted in written form at the Pages' table.
(Additional locations will be considered and, if identified, announced later.)
Announcements will be in both English- and Spanish-language versions.
News coverage of happenings at Annual Conference Session, along with photographs and video, will be through the Conference website at cnumc.org.
When you arrive
When you arrive at ACS, please stop first at the registration tables in the lobby, IF you have pre-registered. You will pick up your name tag and roll call form there.
If you have not pre-registered, however, you will be directed to register upstairs in the ACS Office (Room 305). A nametag will be printed for you there.