Cal-Nevada Pastors Send Nearly $10K to Support West Angola Colleagues

May 06, 2010

At last year's Annual Conference Session some pastors in the California-Nevada Annual Conference committed 1% of their salaries to supplementing the salaries of pastors in West Angola. Nine months later we can report that they have sent nearly $10,000 to their West Angola colleagues!

These funds are an investment in the biggest asset of the West Angolan Church – its pastors. The pastors represent the cutting edge for building peace in an impoverished country torn by years of civil war; the relatively small amount we give makes a tangible difference in the vital work of the church.
Many West Angola clergy do not receive their full salaries because of the impoverished situation of many of the congregations there. Through the Conference's West Angola Partnership, Cal-Nevada's pledging pastors intend to cover the gap between what has been paid and what should have been paid to the West Angolan pastors.
To date the West Angola Partnership has raised $9,906.73 and sent it to the West Angola pastors.
The Rev. Rob Jennings-Teats, coordinator of this effort, says, "I hope we can encourage other pastors in our Conference to make a commitment to the 1% fund."
Contributions may be sent to Conference Treasurer Diane Knudsen, with checks written to the California-Nevada Annual Conference and with "WAPS" (West Angola Pastors Support) in the memo line of the check. Mail to CA-NV Annual Conference, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798.