Clergy Boundary Training

November 19, 2013

Clergy sexual ethics training under the Mandatory Continuing Education policy has now become sexual boundary training. The Council on Clergy Development’s Clergy Boundary training team offers two workshops that fulfill this requirement.  During the past several months twenty laity and clergy have been trained by Marie Fortune of the Faith Trust Institute to lead Clergy Boundaries 101 which explores the fundamentals, and Clergy Boundaries 201 which moves beyond the basics and helps participants explore boundary issues it social media, the internet, finances as well as reviewing the basics.
Persons who have not taken Clergy Boundary 101 Training (formerly known as Clergy Sexual Ethics Training and taught by some combination of Elmar de Ocera, Kathy La Point-Collup and/or Maggie McNaught) need to take 101. 201 is offered to those who have taken 101. Registration is now available on the conference website, click here.
The Clergy Boundary Training team includes:
El Camino: Jay Pierce, Sadie Stone, Eveline Koloto, Maile Koloto
Central Valley: Brandon Austin, David Niu, Ruby Bago
Great Northern: Gary Pope-Sears, Kathryn Dunning, David Kim,Maggie MaNaught (101 trainer)
Bridges, Western: Burt Yin, Gayle Shearman, John Song
Bridges, Eastern & Central Valley, Northern: Michele Rowland Bird, Roger Kimble, Aura-Lila Ochoa
PSR Team: Odette Lockwood-Stewart ,Kathy La Point-Collup (101 trainer), Elmar de Ocera (101 trainer)
For more information, contact the coordinator, Kathy La Point-Collup, (916) 690-2321.