Is Ending Hunger an Out-of-This-World Idea?

April 22, 2010

New VBS mission project from an Advance hunger-relief ministry teaches youth that it is not!

Big Island, VA – What if hunger didn't exist anymore? What if every person in the United States had enough food to eat? If you think this isn't possible, check out the Society of St. Andrew's new Vacation Bible School Mission Project and discover how your youth can help make an out-of-this-world idea a reality. 
The Society of St. Andrew (Advance #801600) is a national hunger-relief ministry that salvages excess fresh produce that will otherwise go to waste and donates it to critical feeding agencies nationwide to feed hungry Americans. And it does it at a cost of about 2¢ per servings. God has provided an abundance of food, enough for every man, woman, and child to have enough to eat. But God needs each one of us to use our hands to get that food to our hungry brothers and sisters.
VBS kids can help blast hunger out of this world
"Out Of This World" is the Society of St. Andrew's (SoSA) 2010 Vacation Bible School Mission Project. It's designed to supplement your church's VBS program and it's easily adaptable to any themed VBS curriculum. Through daily activity sheets for all ages, children will discover what the Bible teaches about feeding the hungry and how God wants them to help blast hunger out of this world.
The daily activity sheets contain short scripturally based stories, facts about hunger and the Society of St. Andrew's hunger-relief ministry, potato trivia, "Go Green" facts, and pencil activities. In addition, each day VBS students will be sent on a Mission Activity which will put them on the front lines of learning the importance of eating healthy, sharing with others, keeping God's world beautiful, and using their hands to help God's hungry children.
Along with the fun and educational aspects of this mission project, the goal for each VBS is to raise enough through student offerings to provide 1,000 pounds of fresh produce for the plates of hungry Americans. At a nickel a pound, that's a goal of just $50.
What VBS leaders say about SoSA's VBS Mission Project
Last year nearly 200 churches used SoSA's VBS mission project. VBS kids enthusiastically answered Jesus' call to feed the hungry by donating over $24,000 – enough to provide more than one million servings of food to hungry Americans! Here's what church leaders say about SoSA's VBS mission project:
"The children were excited to think they would be helping other children have food to eat."  Maxine Turner, Louisville UMC, Louisville, IL
"Our Vacation Bible School students thoroughly enjoyed the TREK (2009 program) materials and learned about hunger in America. Thank you for providing these materials and an opportunity for the youngest among us to join the fight against hunger."  Sarah Lusk, Program Director, Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Salem, VA
"In keeping with the spirit of 'gleaning', our kids brought in returnable cans and bottles each day, along with 'found' change. Blessings on your work!"  Rev. Richard Capron, Lexington UMC, Lexington, MA
"Preacher Doug (Pastor Doug Hollenbeck) ate an earthworm for the children because of their generous donation!"  Libby Mynes, Mt. Carmel UMC, Covington, VA
"Our theme was Camp Creation: Serving God by Caring for God's Creation. Because of the obvious connection between our theme and what you do to care for all of God's creation, we decided to give our offering to your organization. Thank you for what you do."  Michael Kellett, Ministry with Youth and Children, Park Road Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC
"We love your VBS materials!"  St. John's UMC, Springfield, VA
Materials are free; no obligation
All materials are free and available now from the Society of St. Andrew. There is no obligation.
Order online at; or call 800-333-4597; or email If your materials do not arrive within two weeks of ordering please call our office so we can expedite another shipment to you.
More information about the hunger-relief ministry of the Society of St. Andrew is available at
Support for the Society of St. Andrews can be made online to UMCOR Advance #801600. 100% of gifts to UMCOR through the Advance support the designated project. You may also phone 800-554-8583.