Introduction to Media Resource Center Now Available as DVD

April 15, 2010

By Pat Strandburg, Director

The Northern California Ecumenical Media Resource Center (EMRC) has produced a DVD that introduces the Center, relating its history and purpose. This DVD is being circulated among MRC non-member churches of our sponsoring denominations to invite them to take advantage of the great resources available at the MRC by becoming a member. We are offering a free three-month trial period so that Christian educators and pastors may become familiar with our services.
Member churches report a high degree of satisfaction with the quality and scope of our services and catalog. Here is what some of the members are saying:
·         "I think our church has been a member forever, and we use it all the time." Cambrian Park UMC
·         "The Media Resource Center is valuable to new member churches because of the wealth of excellent materials and the help given to members by the terrific staff." Santa Teresa Hills Presbyterian
·         "My church has been a member of the Media Resource Center since 1996. It has enabled us to provide media for all ages that we would not have been able to afford." Ladera Community Church
If your church joins the Media Resource Center, the annual fees for Presbyterian, United Methodist Church and United Church of Christ (UCC) churches are partially subsidized through their denominational support:
The fee for Presbyterian and Methodist churches with fewer than 250 members is $60. (The $60 fee is partially subsidized by the United Methodist Conference and the Presbytery of San Jose.)
The fee for Presbyterian, Methodist, and UCC churches with more than 249 members is $185.
The fee for UCC churches with fewer than 250 members is $80.
The fee for other churches with fewer than 250 members is $90.
The fee for other churches with more than 249 members is $205.
For an up-to-date catalog of all our wonderful resources, visit our web site at Please encourage all your friends from other churches to take advantage of our services.
For more information, visit our website at or contact an EMRC representative at or (408) 378-2532.