GCORR Grants Available for Immigration Advocacy Outreach

April 15, 2010

CORR Action Fund to provide $250,000+ in Immigration Advocacy grants for Churches and Community Organizations Across the Nation in 2011

The General Commission on Religion and Race of the United Methodist Church (GCORR) is announcing the availability of more than $250,000 in grant dollars from the CORR Action Fund, funded by the Minority Group Self-Determination Fund. Between eight and 15 new grants will be awarded (up to $40,000 each) to programs and projects that provide action and advocacy efforts related to assuring the rights of racial ethnic immigrants and refugees.  The length of the program/project period is one year, beginning January 1, 2011.
"These grants will assist church congregations and non-profit organizations in reaching out to assist those in our community who have suffered the double indignity of being mistreated because they are immigrants, and being mistreated because they are racial ethnic immigrants," said Bishop Minerva Carcaño, Vice President of GCORR and chair of the UM Task Force on Immigration. "Immigration is part of the human experience. And while the U.S. hosts immigrant people from every major country in the world, the treatment of immigrants varies, based on racial differences. These grants will enable our churches and non-profit organizations to actively aid in the struggle for justice for immigrant people."
CORR Action Fund grants are paid to the programs/projects on a semi-annual basis. After the first payment on approximately January 15, 2011, a subsequent payment will be made on approximately June 15, 2011, and is contingent upon receipt of an acceptable semi-annual progress report identifying progress made on program/project goals and a financial report on utilization of the funds. This process will be explained in greater detail upon grant approval.
Applicants for the CORR Action Fund grant for Immigration Advocacy must provide evidence of fidelity bonding for the person authorized to handle the funds for the program/project, and leadership of the program/project board applying for the funding must be at least 50% racial/ethnic.
The primary mission of the CORR Action Fund is to invest in and assist churches, community organizations, conferences, seminaries, and ecumenical bodies that nurture programs focused on dismantling racism. The CORR Action Fund addresses four priorities, which actively support the Four Areas of Focus of the UMC dealing with leadership development, global health, poverty, and congregational development.
The deadline to apply for these grants is June 15, 2010. Applications and directions for applying, can be found online on the www.gcorr.org website.
For more information about the CORR Action Fund, grant application, or its requirements, please visit:  http://www.gcorr.org/getinvolved/corractionfund.