GBOD Website Lists Church Vitality Questions

April 14, 2010

On the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD) website, Director of Music Resources Dean McIntyre notes that "vital" is one of the most desirable adjectives we'd like to be able to use to describe our congregational worship and singing, since it means "full of energy and life, vigorous, animated."

"To determine if our worship and singing are vital, we might measure things such as volume, tempo, expressiveness, responsiveness of the people, level of the people's engagement, a sense of understanding of the text, and other characteristics," he writes, and adds, "Vital is also used to describe churches – and church vitality is something to be sought after, measured, analyzed, and reported."
McIntyre offers some questions for consideration:
·         What characteristics would you use in determining the vitality of your congregation's worship and singing?
·         Would you describe your own congregation's worship and singing as vital, or something else?
·         Using the six church vitality indicators used in this study of the denomination, is your church one of high, medium, or low church vitality?
(Copyright General Board of Discipleship, Used by permission.)