Plan to Observe Native American Ministries Sunday With Special Offering on April 18

April 08, 2010

Native American Ministries Sunday will be observed on April 18. The Rev. Stephen Yale, archivist for the California-Nevada Annual Conference and a member of the Conference's Native American Solidarity Team, provides some early Native American history within the bounds of the California-Nevada Conference, for congregations planning to celebrate this Special Sunday. 

By The Rev. Stephen Yale
Archivist, California-Nevada Annual Conference

When Ulysses S. Grant became President in 1869, he decided to appoint ministers of the Gospel as agents at the reservations established to contain the Native American populations. Several members of the California Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church served in this capacity between 1871 and 1877. This was the origin of the Round Valley Mission.
In 1927 Charlotte Hickman was appointed to the Smith River Church in Del Norte County. She also served the nearby Tolowa tribe for 16 years. A tribal center which could be used for worship was erected near the reservation. 
In Nevada, Robert G. Pike was appointed to the Indian Mission in 1901. His residence was in Carson City, but the circuit included the entire state and for four years he traveled among the Piutes, Shoshones, and Washoes. Since anticipated results of his work were not realized, it was decided that the mission should be centralized at the Walker River Reservation, with headquarters at Shurz. When the Gold Hill community dispersed, the church building was moved to Shurz.
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Native American Ministries Sunday will be observed on April 18. Congregations are encouraged to take a special offering on this day, which is one of the six Special Sundays celebrated by The United Methodist Church. Offerings taken on Native American Ministries Sunday are used for education of Native American seminarians, to plant Native American churches, and to cultivate Native American outreach.
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