ACS Update: Reports, Resolutions Deadline Is Today; Housing Registration Available

April 01, 2010

Today (April 1) at 5 p.m. is the deadline for emailing reports and resolutions to the Conference Secretary, Kristin Sachen.

Recommendations, resolutions, and standing rule amendments also must be submitted to the chair of the Conference Committee on Legislation, Wilson de Ocera.
Instructions may be found on the 2010 Annual Conference Session page on the Conference website at
Also on that page, as well as under the "Registrations" tab on the main navigation bar: the link to register for housing, during ACS, at the Hyatt Hotel. This year the Hyatt is the only hotel for which the Conference is providing a direct link for registration, but several others are listed for you (along with their phone numbers).
Online registration to attend ACS is open. The deadline to pre-register is May 23.
You may register and pay for childcare on line this year, as well. The deadline to register for childcare is June 1.
Friends and neighbors of the California-Nevada Annual Conference are invited to sign up on line to attend workshops with Bishop Robert Schnase and Dr. Marcia McFee, which will take place on the Thursday morning of ACS. The workshops are scheduled at the same time as Sections, when ACS members will be working on legislation.