Kids and Christ: Join in 'Critical Conversation'

March 17, 2010

Where are the children? What are they learning about God's love and grace? Does it matter?

The United Methodist Publishing House (UMPH) and The United Methodist Reporter (UMR) are joining forces to engage UMs across the Connection in a critical conversation.
On March 17 UMR launched publication of a six-part series, "Kids and Christ," with "Let the Children Come" by Bishop William Willimon. The articles will be published every other week. In addition to Bishop Willimon, contributors include: the Rev. Patricia Farris, the Rev. James Harnish, Bishop Scott Jones, Bishop Mike Lowry, and the Rev. John Ed Mathison.
Readers will be encouraged to comment using a link to a dedicated Facebook page hosted by UMPH. To be alerted electronically as the articles are published and made available online, sign up for the free weekly Sneak Preview email on the left-hand sidebar at – or click here to go directly to the registration page
The conversation will continue in the Aug/Sept/Oct 2010 issue of CIRCUIT RIDER.
The data is clear. Children's Church School and Sunday School attendance has declined faster than membership in the UMC. And according to Neil Alexander, President and Publisher of UMPH, "Denominational and independent Christian publishers I've talked to across the board report that sales of dated curriculum, especially for children, have been trending downward for some time and, more recently, that this trend has become emphatic."
The challenge is urgent. We urge you to follow the "Kids and Christ" series and to participate in this important conversation.