Want to Donate?

March 11, 2010

Gifts to support UMCOR's Relief efforts may be made on line, by phone, or by check.

Click here to make an online donation to the mission, ministry or relief effort of your choice through UMCOR. You may also phone 888.252.6174.
Your church will receive credit for your donation if you select your church's name from the dropdown list.
If you prefer to write a check and want your church to receive credit on its Apportionments statement, do not make the check payable to a specific mission, ministry or relief effort. Instead:
If you will be dropping your check in the offering plate at your church, make your check PAYABLE to YOUR CHURCH and add the name of the mission, ministry or relief effort and the Advance number on the MEMO LINE.
If you will be mailing your check to the Conference offices, make your check PAYABLE to CA-NV Annual Conference and note the name of the mission, along with the name and city of your church, on the MEMO LINE, and mail to CA-NV Treasurer, P.O. Box 980250, West Sacramento, CA 95798.
Please ask members of your congregation to write checks PAYABLE TO YOUR CHURCH, with the name of the relief effort on the MEMO LINE.
Then write a check payable to CA-NV Annual Conference to cover those donations.
(Checks made payable to a specific mission, ministry or relief effort must be mailed directly to Advance GCFA, P.O. Box 9068, GPO New York, NY 10087-9068. Include your church's GCFA number on the check so your church will receive credit.)
The entire amount of each gift will be used to help the people for which it was designated.
List of designations and advance special numbers:
U.M.V.I.M. = #803
Angola Partnership = #814
Haiti Relief Fund = #418325
Chile = #