Bishop Schnase Outlines 'Five Practices' in Reno, Brings Them to ACS in June

March 11, 2010

It's all about the adjectives.

That was the message Bishop Robert Schnase of the Missouri Conference delivered on Saturday (March 6) in Reno.
Bishop Schnase led a series of Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations workshops for the Nevada-Sierra District's Leadership Training Day. The five practices, as identified in the bishop's book by the same name, are Radical Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Intentional Faith Development, Risk-Taking Mission and Service, and Extravagant Generosity. And while most congregations extend hospitality, provide worship, faith development, mission and service projects, and opportunities for giving, it's the adjectives that set fruitful congregations apart.
To practice "radical" hospitality, for instance, is to "go the second mile" and be outward-focused rather than inward-focused – while "passionate" worship is that in which "fundamental change of heart and mind happens, in which God shapes and re-shapes us."
Interestingly, the bishop said the adjectives themselves are interchangeable because "all play the same role of intensifying the practice."
And "practice" is the operative word. The principles Schnase identifies "are not qualities that some churches have and others don't," he said. They are the product of intentional work and repetition.
"You don't run into a professional baseball player who says, 'I don't practice batting anymore; I learned that back in high school,'" he pointed out. "You're always going to have to practice batting."
Likewise, becoming a fruitful congregation, the bishop said, is "hard work and it is repetitive work and it is unending work, until it just becomes instinctual."
Schnase, the author of six books including Five Practices of Fruitful Living (not yet released; available to pre-order), will be the featured speaker for the California-Nevada Annual Conference Session, June 16-19 in Sacramento. He will conduct a workshop Thursday morning for which the public is invited to register, and will lead afternoon Plenary and evening session that day - both of which will be open to the public.
Worship designer and leader, artist and author, Dr. Marcia McFee will create the services of worship during the conference, and also will lead a Thursday morning workshop.
There will be a registration fee for the workshops.
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A DVD set is being produced from Bishop Schnase's workshop in Reno. Click here to pre-order DVDs. The set will be available before Annual Conference Session, so that it can be used as a resource in preparation for attending.