Website Problems? Conversion to New, Better Functioning Site Is Underway!

February 09, 2010

If you encounter a problem locating something on the California-Nevada Annual Conference website this week, we apologize and ask for your patience and grace - with the understanding that it's temporary and for a good cause.

We are in the process of converting to an improved website which will offer much better function, along with a refreshed design. Unfortunately, as much as we're trying to keep the construction behind the scenes, some of the "bent nails" and "broken dry wall" are getting knocked onto the "sidewalk" from time to time.  But we'll do our best to correct problems as we go along, and promise to do everything possible to complete this project in record time.
(If there's something that you simply can't locate, please email us and we'll try to direct you to it during the construction phase.)
Some of the things you'll love about the new website:
·         No more annoying dropdown menus!
·         "Breadcrumbs" feature that shows how pages relate to each other
·         Google Translate feature built in!
·         Google maps on church pages
·         Blogs with commenting feature
·         Photo galleries that let you download high-resolution versions of images for use in print publications, as well as smaller sizes
·         Living out Our Faith section on the Home Page - with "click and type" capability so churches can add their own "faith in action" story right there
·         "It Worked for Us!" section for churches to share their great ideas - again, just click and type
·         Much more dynamic, graphically interesting inside pages
Watch for the launch of the new site – within days, we hope. In the meantime, thank you so much for your patience!