Emergency Help Requested: Flooding in Mexico's Northwest AC Is 'Local Tragedy'

February 02, 2010

Bishop Vasquez of the Northwest Annual Conference of Mexico has alerted the United Methodist Joint Commission/Hands Across the Border that emergency assistance is needed for the San Quintin Valley, south of Ensenada, due to flooding.

"This is a local tragedy," according to Murray Hawkins, President of the UM Joint Commission. "There are many people who live in this area and who are within the service area of our three Methodist churches. [They] live a marginal existence in the best of times, either in agriculture or fishing. Now the need is great and I hope that your church can respond quickly in some way."
The area's District Superintendent, Rev. Armando Bautista V, says, "The rains left great damage and there were towns that disappeared . . . food, propane gas, water, gasoline, are scarce due to the fact that there is no access to the area, and due to the fact that some prices are rising a lot.
"Thank God that our brother Murray [UM Joint Commission] left some sacks of beans and rice, and with them we have been able to help some families."
Hawkins says, "The amount of food that we were able to leave with them just before Christmas totaled only 200 lbs. of pinto beans and 100 lbs. of rice. We expected that it would be used for emergency use by families who needed food for only a few days at a time." 
Since it is difficult to get food across the border, "Money is the best option" for providing assistance, Hawkins recommends. He says funds can be deposited by wire to an account in a bank in the San Quintin Valley. 
In addition, "[We] request your prayers for the Valley of San Quintin," Rev. Bautista says.
For more information contact Murray Hawkins, President, UM Joint Commission/Hands Across the Border, at murray@mexicomissionproject.org or 909.793.5171 – or visit the UMVIM site for the Western Jurisdiction at www.umvimwj.blogspot.com.