New Procedures in Place for Cal-Nevada Boards and Agency Heads

January 21, 2010

The California-Nevada Annual Conference has instituted new procedures for heads of boards, agencies, and committees to follow regarding meetings and maintenance of data.

Due to financial cutbacks, the hours worked by Conference administrative assistants have been reduced by as much as 50%. To accommodate this reduction, duties have been reassigned and some tasks traditionally performed by assistants have been shifted to the board, agency and committee chairs.
A letter outlining the changes recently was sent to all chairpersons.
Going forward, all chairs are to:
·         Schedule meetings themselves, using the Conference's online calendar (whether taking place at the UM Center or at another location)

·         Send meeting notices, reminders, etc. themselves

·         Clean up for themselves, after meeting at the UM Center in West Sacramento: i.e. wash coffee cups, dispose of trash, pour out leftover coffee and rinse pot, etc.

·         Coordinate with Becky Sheldon regarding lunch and other needs (such as arranging for audio-visual equipment), for meetings at the UM Center

·         Communicate committee roster information and roster changes to Clare Powell

·         Coordinate with Shari Sandoval for vouchers and financial updates for their committee

·         Contact Jane Horstman for website and registration assistance
The Conference staff appreciates your cooperation in this time of transition.