Churches: Drop off Kits, Supplies for Haiti This Weekend

January 21, 2010

Volunteers may still sign up to go on Salt Lake City trip next week

Next week's planned trip to the UMCOR West Office and Depot in Salt Lake City has been revised to focus on delivery and assembly of health kits and layette kits for Haiti.
The United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) Office of the California-Nevada Annual Conference scheduled the January 25-29 trip last month, to allow potential team leaders to "check out the place." However, since UMCOR West reports it is "critically low" on disaster relief supplies due to the volume of health and layette kits it has shipped to Haiti, the Cal-Nevada team actually will spend its time in Salt Lake City assembling kits for Haiti (see photo at left).
In addition, the team will take as many health and layette kits and raw materials for kits as have been collected already by churches.
Please watch the Conference website tomorrow (Fri. Jan. 22) for the announcement of the one-time drop-off location: the place to drop off kits and raw materials that are ready to go for this trip only. Kits and supplies will need to be dropped off this weekend.
Phil Bandy, who heads the Cal-Nevada UMVIM Office, is seeking a permanent collection point; contact him if you or your church has space that can be designated for that purpose.
If you would like to go on the Jan. 25-29 trip to UMCOR West, please contact Phil Bandy or Eddie Frutchey immediately.