Want to Help a Neighbor in Time of Need?

January 06, 2010

Not sure how? Sign up for disaster training classes in 2010!

The Cal-Nev Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church is sponsoring Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Response Training in California and Nevada this year! 
"The recent quakes in the Pacific have made me aware of an urgent need within our Annual Conference to prepare ourselves," says Phil Bandy, who heads the Conference United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) office.
"Volunteers are well-equipped and experienced with rebuilding in the Long-term Recovery phase of a disaster," he adds. "California-Nevada United Methodist churches have sent more than 150 teams to the Gulf Coast since the hurricanes of 2005. But at home, we are not prepared to receive teams into our own conference! We are not prepared to offer aid and comfort to our own neighbors. 
"The United Methodist churches in the Gulf Coast have been extensively trained by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and have developed a refined capacity to host UMVIM teams, but we are totally unprepared here in California and Nevada. We just don't have enough trained volunteers to respond with agility and effectiveness to a disaster in our own back yard. We must prepare to be hosts to visiting UMVIM teams of up to 5,000 people at a time! This will necessitate having dozens of UMVIM host teams here to house, feed, transport, and coordinate those visiting volunteers."
To address this need, Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Response Training has been scheduled for March 24-27 at Camp Lodestar. Classes will be taught by UMCOR staff and consultants.
The following courses are scheduled: Disaster Preparedness, Early Response Teams, Caring for Children in Trauma, Case Management, Spiritual and Emotional Care, and Volunteer Management.
Download course descriptions (PDF) for a complete breakdown of what each course entails.
Contact Phil Bandy at philb@calnevumc.org or 916.374.1582/1584, or visit www.cnumcvim.org, for more information about the March 24-27 Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Response Training, or to sign up to attend.
Camp Lodestar is located in Wilseyville, California. It is 90 minutes from Sacramento and 40 minutes from Jackson.