'Looking for the Miraculous,' in Dec. 18 Reporter

December 16, 2009

So, what constitutes a miracle? Ever witnessed a miraculous event yourself? Or do you think miracles are a thing of the past? For the United Methodist Reporter cover story this week, Bill Fentum takes a look at what UMs believe about miracles. The story includes some folks who count miracles among their life experiences.

And with the U.N. Climate Change Summit happening in Copenhagen through the end of this week, the Reporter also has an e-mail interview with the Rev. Ole Birch, a District Superintendent and chair of the Climate Group for the National Council of Churches in Denmark. The resulting Q&A includes some attention to climate change as a magnet for controversy.
There's also a profile of one family who has experienced open adoption through Methodist Mission Home; a pastor's sabbatical happening after 22 years of ministry; and life-giving gifts that help entire communities. For these stories and more, just click on "UMR Headlines" on the United Methodist Reporter Home Page.
Commentaries this week include Eric Van Meter offering his perspective on re-learning to listen amid the noise of our lives; Bishop Woodie White's Christmas reflections, both happy and sad; Anthony Hunt on why race still matters; and Tom Ehrich on what this time of year can tell us about ourselves. Don't miss Bill Fentum's film review of The Blind Side, too.