'Responding to Job Loss,' in Dec. 11 Reporter

December 10, 2009

With unemployment higher than it's been in decades, how are people reacting to being jobless or to having their friends looking for work? For the cover story in the Dec. 11 edition of the United Methodist Reporter, Mary Jacobs talked with several people who provide perspective on the situation, and has tips for the best free gifts a person can give an unemployed friend.

Also in the Dec. 11 edition: a Q&A with Jesse Rice, author of The Church of Facebook, about what people often are really looking for on social networking sites.
And as the Christmas season approaches, the news staff reflected on movies that nudge us into the proper mood. Some of their choices may surprise you!
Under "UMR Headlines," in the upper left quadrant of the Home Page:
·         "Aging Well" - the importance of the family dining table
·         Influences that have negatively impacted Wesleyan theology (Donald Haynes column)
·         Making your Christmas more "green" this year (guest commentary from Bishop Sally Dyck)
·         A report on Bridges to Circles, a program that helps break the cycle of generational poverty
·         A faith-based witness on climate change.