Cal-Nev UMVIM Team to 'UMCOR West' Is Accepting Applicants

December 09, 2009

Phil Bandy, Interim Director of the California-Nevada United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) Office, will lead a Conference-wide UMVIM team to the new "UMCOR West" Supply Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah after the first of the year. (See "UMCOR West Depot Created to Respond to Western States Threats" in the November 17, 2009 edition of the Instant Connection.)

The team will serve at the depot January 25 through January 29. If you've thought about taking a team from your church to the new supply depot, this is an excellent opportunity for you to "check out the place" in preparation for leading your own team there in the future.
The Conference-wide team will travel by car and will be very willing to take along any donated kits as long as space permits. Churches wanting to send kits will need to contact the Conference UMVIM Office by January 10 with the approximate number to be donated, and will need to deliver those kits to the Conference UMVIM Office by January 20. 
The team will appreciate any contributions towards travel expenses (gasoline).
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Or contact Phil Bandy at, 916.374.1582 (office), or 925.808.8138 (mobile).
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