From UMNS: Five Stories on 'Soul Changing Prayer' for Advent

December 04, 2009

United Methodist News Service has five stories focusing on "Soul Changing Prayer" for Advent. Open up gifts of the Spirit this Advent to read:

·         "10 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life"
·         "5 Ideas for Helping Your Child Talk to God"
·         "Revive Prayer Ministries" (churches share success stories)
·         "The Lord's Prayer Revisited"
·         "United Methodists Share Favorite Bible Passages, Books on Prayer"
And an article, "All About Advent," has been posted to the General Board of Discipleship's website.
Dean McIntyre, Director of Music Resources for GBOD, writes, "The season of Advent has been with us since the fourth century, although it has not been a part of the liturgical observance of all denominations and churches. With the mixing of Christmas and Advent during the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, there is often confusion of the two."
In addition to history, liturgical context, symbols and practices, and other such information, his article includes a list of suggested hymns and songs for Advent worship.