'Circle of Names' Campaign Raises Funds in Support of Gender Justice, Women's Ministries

December 03, 2009

Have you heard about the "Circles of Names" Campaign? It is an initiative of the National Council of Churches, USA - Women's Ministries program, the goal of which is to obtain names of 1,000 women leaders, with a corresponding $100 donation or pledge for each (for a total of $100,000) - within a 51-day period. As women's ministries programs are being cut back in response to economic crisis in our communities, this campaign "will witness to the strength and depth of the network that supports gender justice."

It was launched on November 11 at the Claire Randall Women's Lunch at the National Council of Churches and Church World Service General Assembly in Minneapolis. Collection of names will end on December 31, 2009. 
$100 for each name may be donated immediately, or pledged to be given within the next year (before December 31, 2010).
"We believe it is a Kairos moment in time for us to stand together in support of gender justice and women’s ministries," say organizers. "We invite you to give or pledge $100 in the name of a woman leader you wish to honor, and join this exciting campaign."
All funds raised in the Circles of Names Campaign will be deposited into the Claire Randall Sustaining Fund, designated for the support and growth of current programming and staff of NCC Women's ministries and gender justice work.
In March, 2010 (Women's History Month), an original art piece will be unveiled which will incorporate all 1,000 women named. The Circles of Names art work will be displayed in the NCC's New York office as a representation ". . . bearing witness to a broad base of support historically, currently, and into the future for gender justice work in and through the faith communities to sustain, coordinate, and extend the work of women's ministries."
For more information visit www.circlesofnames.org or download brochure (in PDF format).