'Large Church Initiative 2010' Will Be in San Antonio in April

December 03, 2009

Make plans now to attend The United Methodist Church's 2010 national training event, the Large Church Initiative conference, April 12-15 at University United Methodist Church in San Antonio.

The goal for "Large Church Initiative 2010" is to introduce you to leading thinkers, major speakers, and cutting-edge systems both for making disciples and for making decisions that make disciples. Your team will leave San Antonio with new tools for coaching individual disciples and coordinating institutional decisions - tools which will grow your congregation in both size and significance.
Your team also will establish new contacts, friendships, and peer networks which can assist you for years to come.
LCI 2010 will help any congregation, but especially those with a weekly worship attendance of 350 and more.
For a complete list of speakers and breakout sessions, an overview of the schedule, and information about the host church, visit either the LCI 2010 website or the University UMC website.