'Relevance Times 10' - February Young Adult Leadership Conference Seeks to Develop and Empower New Disciples

November 19, 2009

Nov. 13, 2009 | LAS VEGAS, NV - An exciting conference for young adults (ages 18-30) throughout The Western Jurisdiction, February 12-13 in Las Vegas, will explore the concept of the power of 10. This theme will be woven throughout the event, challenging participants to imagine the power of 10 new disciples, of 10 new faith communities, of 10 social justice projects. It will focus on empowering young adults to become leaders in their communities by developing their leadership skills, uniting their voices, and actively creating change. 

Launched by Relevance, the young adult ministry of The Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church, the conference is called Relevance X - signifying 10.

"Imagine the power of 10: 10 struggling young adults realizing the relevance of the Church today, 10 new disciples transforming the world. Now imagine the power of 10 times hundreds of young adults, eager to live the relevance of Christ's message," a news release instructs.
Spiritual formation will be a keystone of the conference, both in terms of spiritual formation of participants during it, and also in terms of equipping participants to assist in the spiritual formation of those to whom they will subsequently minister in their own communities, according to the release.
"We are excited about bringing dynamic and engaging speakers who will be able to teach us more about making new disciples," says Glen Simpson, chair of Relevance.
There is an undeniable need for church growth throughout the United States - and the Western Jurisdiction, in particular, is in desperate need of a means to make new disciples. While the Church is growing exponentially in many parts of the world, that certainly is not the case in the United States. Part of the problem is that young adults often struggle to find relevance in the church today. The goal of the February event is to pass along various paths to relevance for young adults, in the shared experience of the conference.
"In addition to the need to grow the Church, there is a more specific need for leadership development among young adults, particularly in the Western Jurisdiction," states the news release. It goes on to say that there are many young adults in the West with the potential for leadership who have not been given the paths, opportunities, resources, or voice to use their God-given abilities. Relevance X can be a first step in which these gifted young adults come together with established church leaders who can support and empower them, it says.
"We anticipate a large number of young adults participating," Simpson says. "The greatest measure of success will be the number and quality of new young-adult led ministries that result from this event at the Conference, district and church level."
Kelly Newell, Director of Young People's Ministries for the California-Nevada Annual Conference, is looking to form a team to attend this event to participate and learn, then to later explore the implications of Cal-Nevada creating a young adult event. Money to support joining the team is available: Contact Kelly for more details at 916.374.1515 or kellyn@calnevumc.org. However, you must respond before December 10 to meet the early registration deadline. 
For more information and to find out about individual lodging, travel, and for individual registration on line, visit www.relevancex.com.
Watch YouTube video at / (slash) relevanceonline.
Learn more about Relevance X and interact on MySpace or Twitter at /relevanceonline, or on Facebook at /relevancex.
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