Discover the Power of Demographics

November 19, 2009

Imagine having demographic information about your community at your fingertips. Or being able to analyze your neighborhood, several neighborhoods, or a 10-mile radius of your church at a moment's notice.

Now you can - and at NO COST to you! The Board of Missions has recently changed providers for demographic services to MissionInsite Demographics, a user-friendly program which is available to you or/and members of your congregation.
Designed to support church planting and church growth, MissionInsite Church Demographic reports are useful for anyone (clergy, facilities and budget planners, congregants, etc.) who is tasked with overseeing and/or implementing congregational development efforts.
Gain valuable insight into your community through the power of demographics at 

MissionInsite Demographic Instructions are available on the Conference website at Look under "Resources," found on the right side of the green navigation bar near the top of the Home Page.