Free Resource: 'Legacy Sunday'

November 12, 2009

When we reflect personally, most of us want to leave some kind of legacy behind, out of the witness of our living: our faith in God, some values or beliefs, or a life lesson learned. But will our grandchildren and other children who come after us "get" the message we're trying to send by the way that we live? Is there an additional way we can communicate more clearly?

Yes, there is - through an Ethical Will. We can make a planned gift of money or assets to our families, church, and other beneficiaries. And through an Ethical Will, we can also write out the "why" or "so what" of our lives, to help guide our loved ones in the future.
This is where the California-Nevada United Methodist Foundation comes in, by bringing to your congregation a "Legacy Sunday." Fairfield Community United Methodist Church just experienced this program and can tell you its benefits.
With your pastor's permission, Betsy Schwarzentraub preaches during worship about values and planned giving, and then she, another person (from the Foundation), and an estate-planning professional lead a mini-workshop after worship on different ways to make a planned gift to pass on your values to your family, your church, or to any "charity."
Legacy Sunday is a free service to you - another gift from the Foundation, your partner in ministry. To talk about possibilities, contact Susan Peters at 888.789.7374 (toll free) or write to her at