Interact With Us on Our Facebook Page

November 06, 2009

By Cate Monaghan
Interim Communications Director

Communication at its best is a "two-way street," and the proliferation of social media has given rise to the expectation that it will be just that. People don't want information to be simply pushed down to them; they want to react to it. And as much as we may think technology has removed us from each other, when we see people texting each other across a table, it's really just providing new ways to connect us. Sometimes it's even making connections that would not have existed otherwise - as when it generates dialogue.
So we want to hear from you. We long to enter into your journey in a more profound way, and invite you to be a part of ours.
The Facebook page we've launched will be a place for interaction between Cate and Jane in the Communications Office, those of you whom we know, and those of you we don't know yet. There, we can share with you in a more personal way and we hope that you will share back. We want you to respond to the things that we throw out, and hope that you also will use the page as a forum for communicating your thoughts and ideas to Conference leadership and to your colleagues in ministry. We want it to be a place for interaction among all of you, too.
So while it's the Facebook page for "the Communications Office of the California-Nevada Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church," it won't be institutional, but rather personal. A place for dialogue. Where communication is a two-way street.
Just as it should be.
We hope you'll meet us there.