Conference Next Week to Focus on Reaching Younger People

November 06, 2009

"As a denomination we have said we want more persons, more diverse persons, and younger persons. My training organization, Leadership Nexus, has really taken that seriously," says Bob Pierson, Executive Director. "We held a very effective conference on reaching young adults, at St. Luke's UMC in Denver, a year and a half ago. On November 10-12, 2009 we are planning [another such] conference in Florence, Kentucky."

Called "Navigate," next week's conference is intended to "outfit the church to navigate the waters of changing culture."
"We think this conference can give the participants better ideas on how to reach the younger generation today," he says.
As senior pastor of Christ United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma for 37 years, Pierson saw the church's attendance grow from 200 to more than 1,600. He helped found the UMC's Large Church Initiative and served as its chairperson for 14 years. His book, Needs-Based Evangelism, has become a bestseller across the church.
The speakers at "Navigate" are nationally recognized authorities on reaching young adults today - including Dan Kimball, David Kinnaman, Lily Lewin, and D.G. Hollums, who has a thriving young adult ministry in Florence, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati).
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