CA-NV Conference Helps to Link Groups Via Internet

November 05, 2009

Technology to the rescue! The California-Nevada Annual Conference is encouraging the use of technology by groups, to overcome the limitations imposed on them by both budgetary constraints and distance - and is making some new tools available.

Adobe Connect is an Internet-based teleconferencing program that allows people to connect desk-to-desk, seeing and hearing each other, sharing documents, and fully engaging in collaborative work. The Conference has purchased a license for this program and has begun training people in its use, with the hope that it can assist district superintendents and circuit leaders, along with boards, agencies, and committees. The Communications Office plans to utilize it for workshops, as well.
In addition, a 40-inch TV monitor has been installed in Conference Room A at the United Methodist Center in West Sacramento, to enable easy viewing of electronic presentations (no projector needed), and to make it easier for groups that are meeting at the Conference Center to include members who were unable to attend in person.
Please start thinking about how these resources can assist your ministry! Contact Cate Monaghan or Jane Horstman in the Communications Office, at or 916.374.1529, or or 916.374.1518, for more information.