Making Sure We Nurture Younger Generation's Call

November 03, 2009

"Nothing tests a person's faith quite like working in a church," writes Eric Van Meter, director of the Wesley Foundation at Arkansas State University, in his article "Making Sure We Nurture Younger Generation's Call" published in the October 23, 2009 issue of the United Methodist Reporter.

In his article, Meter shares his hopes that the church will find a more effective way to guide the young people in his son's generation who feel a call to ministry. "I hope he'll enter into a healthier clergy culture than currently exists, one dedicated to passing on the best of who we are and the essentials of our calling. I hope the United Methodist Church can find a way to guide him, remove roadblocks and erect road signs instead along his path."
"We have to step up," he says, "and be the disciples we want them to emulate."
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