Q&A:'We Have To Change How We Reach People'

October 29, 2009

The church's communications agency must engage its audiences - especially young people - with relevant messages, states Larry Hollon in his blog, Church, Culture and Media. In a  Q&A, Hollon explains how United Methodist Communications is using new media and making other changes as it seeks to relate more directly to people's lives. "This agency is an expression of a global community, of a global church," he says. "… We have to stay ahead of the curve and be as interactive as we can in order to be of value to the church and to ensure the church has a presence and a voice in that interactivity."

As general secretary of United Methodist Communications, the Rev. Larry Hollon leads the agency in addressing such pressing challenges as eliminating malaria, sharing hope in an uncertain time, and encouraging people to rethink the role of church in their lives. He also serves as publisher of United Methodist News Service.
In his blog, Church, Culture and Media, Hollon talks about some of the challenges – such as the gap in demographics and information overload - facing the church and United Methodist Communications today. 
Read his blog and interact with Rev. Hollon.