GBGM Commissioning Service Available to Watch

October 28, 2009

The webcast of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries' October 13 commissioning service is available, now, to watch on line. The service has been edited down into eight segments. Go to to download and watch each of the clips.

Forty people were commissioned during the board's annual meeting in Stamford, Connecticut - and for the first time, anyone with computer access could watch as the service was video streamed.
According to a report from the mission agency following the Webcast, 300 sites stayed with the link for the entire service, with a peak at 1,000 sites. Viewers were identified as coming from the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Western Europe, the Caribbean and South America.
"A terrific idea to live stream the commissioning of UMC missionaries tonight," twittered Missy Buchanan, a writer from Texas. "People around the world sharing the experience!"
Sybil Dodson wrote on Facebook: "So enjoyed watching the commissioning of fellow deaconesses and home missioners as well as the other missionaries. Makes one proud to be a United Methodist!"
It was one of the largest groups in recent years to be blessed and sent forth in service. Commissioned were eight international missionaries, 10 church and community workers, seven deaconesses, two home missioners, six mission interns, two Hispanic/Latino Plan missionaries, and five short-term, young adult missionaries (US-2 program) - young adults serving two-year terms in the United States.
Bethany Amey, a native of Turnersville, New Jersey, was among those commissioned as a US-2; she was assigned to the Asian Women's Resource Center (Gum Moon) in San Francisco, in the California-Nevada Annual Conference.